3 Key Considerations When You Choose Fire Extinguishers

If you need to set up fire extinguishers in your offices, then you must make sure to get the right appliances in place. This isn't always a straightforward process. What do you need to know?

1. Your Fire Risks

Fires start for different reasons. They are also affected by anything they burn in their path.

So, for example, a spark might start a fire in a waste paper bin. This fire is initially paper-based. However, as the fire spreads, it may come into contact with different combustion materials like chemicals or electrical supply points. These materials affect the way you can put the fire out most safely; they also affect the way the fire behaves.

It's important to remember that not all fire extinguishers will put out every fire. They have different classifications according to their capabilities. While you may use a regular water-based extinguisher on a general fire, you shouldn't use it on an electrical fire. Water and electricity should not mix.

So, it makes sense to think about the types of fire you might have in your office space and to buy safe and appropriate extinguishers. This may mean that you set up different types of extinguisher in different places in your offices according to your locational fire risks.

2. Your Space Requirements

Fire extinguishers come in different sizes. This size dictates how much suppressant coverage you get in each appliance.

It is vital to install extinguishers that are big enough to cover their target area. If you install a small extinguisher in a large room, then it may not give you all the coverage you need to put out or contain a fire.

It's also important to assess access points when you think about the number of extinguishers you need in your space and their location. If you have one extinguisher in a corner, and that area is blocked by a fire, then you can't get put the fire out. You may need multiple products in different places to get secure coverage.

3. Your Ability to Use Extinguishers

As you plan your fire extinguisher layout, you also need to think about who might use these appliances if you do have a fire. Someone who doesn't have training could use the wrong thing on the wrong kind of fire. You should make sure that you train multiple members of staff in protocols and safe usage.

If you aren't sure how to proceed, contact a local fire protection company. They can evaluate your needs, install your extinguishers and train key members of staff.