Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Land Surveying Firm

Any serious property developer knows they cannot do without the services of a land surveying firm. Land surveying not only helps you to save time and money but also ensures you keep potential legal issues at bay. Land surveying is a complex undertaking that not everyone can handle. Therefore, this article highlights critical factors you must consider when looking for a land surveying firm.

Site Accessibility

Lot sizes in Australia are shrinking fast, and this has forced property developers to look for development land in areas they would not have thought of a couple of years ago. It can be attributed to the high annual growth rate in population in major cities. Therefore, property developers are looking for more land in regions such as Tasmania. However, these lands pose accessibility issues since they are covered with thick forests. Consequently, it is crucial to hire a land surveyor who is well equipped to provide survey services on such lands. An excellent example is a surveyor that uses unmanned aerial vehicle technology such as drones in their surveys. Survey drones can take pictures and videos of inaccessible lands easily and fast.

Market Diversification

It is not so long ago when land surveying was restricted to residential and commercial contractors. However, evolving business dynamics in the surveying industry have changed all this, and land surveying firms have been forced to widen their customer base. Today, many land surveyors cater to customers from the utilities, infrastructure and mining industries. Therefore, property developers should work with a surveying firm that offers their services to a variety of markets. It means that you do not have to keep changing surveying firms whenever you receive land development projects from clients in different industries. Therefore, you get an opportunity to build a great partnership with a firm, which can go a long way in improving your land development projects.

Local Land Knowledge

Different land sites have varying characteristics, and this uniqueness plays a crucial role when hiring a land surveying firm. Ideally, you should select a surveyor with a knowledge and understanding of the qualities of the land you want to develop. For instance, lots that do not have access to piped municipal water might require bore water drilling. However, surveying the land for groundwater can take a long time if you work with a surveyor that has not worked in the area before. On the other hand, a surveying firm that knows your area only needs a few hours of survey work to find the right spot to drill a borehole.