Two Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a Workspace for Your Online Shop

If you want to create a dedicated workspace in your garage for your online shop that you run from home, where you can fulfil customer orders, stow your inventory and do all of your admin, these are some of the things that you should do to make this dream a reality.

Invest in some sturdy garage shelving

One of the most crucial items you must invest in for this project is some high-quality garage shelving. Leaving your inventory stacked on the floor in the garage could easily lead to its destruction, as you're more likely to accidentally kick and break your products with your feet. Additionally, these items could get ruined by water if they're kept on the ground and the garage floods. Furthermore, neatly storing your business's inventory on shelving units in an organised manner will make the garage aesthetically pleasing, which will, in turn, make it more enjoyable to work in.

Before you buy these shelves, however, you should measure all of the goods that you intend to keep on them and ensure that the shelves you pick are deep enough to hold the largest of them without these items hanging over the shelves' edges. Additionally, you must ensure that the wall material in the garage (i.e., the concrete or plaster) that you'll be hanging these shelves on is not crumbling or weakened by cracks because, if it is, the wall plugs and screws that are supposed to keep the shelves attached to it will fall out and the shelves (and all of the goods you have on top of them) will fall onto the garage floor and break. If you come across any crumbling areas of the wall, you must get these repaired before putting up the shelves.

Consider fitting some features that will turn it into a self-contained workspace

It is best to make the garage as self-contained as you possibly can; this might mean fitting a toilet and sink, as well as a kitchenette, and setting up a seating area for your lunch breaks. Whilst you may have all of these features in your house, you will probably find it easier to be productive if they are in the space from which you will be running your business each day.

For example, if you have to walk to your house every time you want to make some tea, visit the bathroom or sit down and eat some food, you will not only end up spending more time on these activities but you will also be far more likely to get distracted from your business-related to-do list. You might, for example, notice the pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom that needs to be washed and the breakfast dishes that are sitting in the sink, or you might realise that your favourite daytime television show has just started. These household distractions could lead to you wasting time that you could have spent on activities that would have helped you to manage and grow your business.

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