Looking for Exterior Wall Claddings? 5 Reasons to Use HardiePlank Lap Siding

Wall claddings or sidings are essential in protecting the exterior walls of a building from elements including rainfall, heat and snow. One of the most common cladding materials today is the HardiePlank siding manufactured by James Hardie. It is created from a blend of cellulose fibres, sand and cement. But why should you use it in your projects?

Here are the five unique benefits of using HardiePlank Lap siding:

It is Cost-Effective

HardiePlank siding is cheap when compared to vinyl. On the contrary, most contractors and homeowners may try to argue that vinyl is the most affordable option. Vinyl presents a lot of problems, and you may end up spending more money to repair vinyl siding in comparison to HardiePlank Lap siding, which is maintenance-free.  

The maximum cost for vinyl is the minimum you can pay for HardiePlank Lap siding. Besides, HardiePlank is highly energy-efficient, and this helps lower your power bills significantly. The best part is that homeowners who use this product pay 14 percent less on premiums than those using vinyl siding. 

Safety Benefits

HardiePlank siding is non-combustible, and it's highly recommended for fire-rated construction. It can't burn under any condition, making it safer than vinyl. On the contrary, vinyl melts when exposed to the intense heat of direct flames. 

It Has Colour Flexibility

When considering the colour factor, HardiePlank Lap siding is highly flexible. By using ColorPlus technology, it ensures that your final siding has 30 percent more fade resistance than wood or vinyl siding options. Additionally, they use computerised colour matching for optimum consistency levels. Vinyl and wood siding usually fades quickly compared to HardiePlank lap siding. 

It is Highly Durable

HardiePlank and vinyl have their pros and cons when it comes to durability, but overall HardiePlank is the most durable material since it's five times thicker. The extra thickness provides more protection to your home. Moreover, it's custom-designed to withstand harsh elements such as hailstorms and strong winds that easily damage vinyl siding. 

Requires Little or No Maintenance

Finally, compared to vinyl, HardiePlank siding will require little or no maintenance at all. It's designed to withstand any bugs and rotting. In addition, the manufacturer offers a 15-year warranty against any cracking, peeling or chipping for the pre-painted planks. 

With products like James Hardie products, you get the chance to buy primed planks that allow for decoration and painting as you wish. As long as you paint them within two years after installation, you get a warranty.