Lawn and Turf Supplies: Different Varieties of Turf

Are you looking for something that can instantly enhance your outdoors?  If you are, you should consider giving your lawn a makeover by Installing turfgrass. There are many varieties of turf, and it might be hard for you to choose one type, which would be suitable for you. Reputable companies that specialise in lawn and turf supplies will be able to offer you the best quality of different types of turfgrass and may even offer lawn installation services.

To help you choose a type of turf that would be ideal for your outdoors, here is a look at the different varieties of turf available in the market:

Nullarbor Couch Turf

This type of turfgrass is commonly used on sporting surfaces, commercial properties and residential backyards. You have probably seen this type of grass on tennis courts and golf courses. It has a luscious green colour, which remains unchanged (colour retention) even during winter. If you're looking for the attractive kind of grass you see on sporting arenas, then Nullarbor couch turf would be an ideal choice.

Eureka Kikuyu Turf

Kikuyu turf variety is a suitable choice for homes, fairways, parks and ovals. It's the preferred choice amongst Sydney homeowners due to its affordability and its bright green colour. Kikuyu turf grows vigorously during summer and therefore frequent mowing is often required during these seasons. It has attractive resilient leaves and self-repairing abilities, which makes it long lasting.

Sir Grange Turf

This turf is often referred to as a fine bladed premium variety by lawn and turf supplies experts due to its many favourable characteristics. For instance, it has a high shade variety, and it requires little water and low nutrients to grow.

Because of its ability to adapt well to a variety of climates, Sir Grange is regarded as the best performing lawn turf for all Australian conditions. This turf features a beautiful dark green colour, which lasts throughout the year in the warmer parts of Australia. It's also self-repairing and hard wearing, making it a great choice for those looking for a law maintenance kind of turf.

The Tiftuf Bermuda turf and the Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf are other turf varieties that would be an ideal choice for your lawn or backyard. You should consider consulting a lawn and turf supplier expert when choosing a specific variety of turf, so that you can get the most suitable one.