3 Considerations for Business Owners before Using Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage, also known as vehicle wraps, has become a popular form of advertisement because it is inexpensive and always catches a lot of attention when a branded vehicle is either parked or moving slowly in traffic. In essence, vehicle signage presents an excellent opportunity for a small startup that cannot foot the cost of doing conventional advertisement on TV or in newspapers. The best part about this form of ad space is that the owner only pays once. This article examines some fundamentals of vehicle wrap design.

Brand Matters -- The whole point of marketing and advertisement is for prospective clients to identify with a brand. Therefore, vehicle wraps should aim to increase brand awareness, not only for present business opportunities but also for prospects. Most importantly, the signage should aim at promoting your brand. For example, the company logo should stand out so that a person driving next to your vehicle can remember the brand next time they are in need of the products or services you are offering.

Avoid Clutter -- Remember that people viewing vehicle wraps have only a few seconds to soak in all the information. Cluttering your covers using multiple photos or words can confuse the intended audience. Some design experts recommend that photos must be kept to a minimum unless they convey the right message. For example, since your business is trying to cut a niche in the market, including a photo of a product or service as the dominant feature might not get the right message to potential customers. Furthermore, when you remove visual clutter such as multiple addresses, credentials, phone numbers and taglines, then you send a clear message within a short period. Therefore, try focusing on your brand until your business achieves local or national recognition.

Traffic Pattern and Speeds -- Vehicle wrap designs should depend on traffic patterns in the location of your business. For example, if you are focusing on highway traffic, vehicle speeds will probably be high, meaning that prospective clients have a few seconds to take a glance at the vehicle wrap. Therefore, you can design covers with larger images that can be viewed with ease at high speeds. The message should also be simple enough to decipher even from a fast-moving vehicle. For city traffic that is characterized by traffic snarl-ups, a car will be moving at a slow speed; hence, adding more information to the signage can be useful. a viewer will have time to write down or memorize more details in city traffic.