Tips to Ensure Safe Operation of Ute Cranes

If your line of work involves manual lifting of heavy loads, investing in ute cranes would be a great move. Ute cranes are small-sized cranes that are usually mounted on the bed of a pick-up truck. These cranes come in handy when it comes to lifting of items that are not so heavy but, like other cranes, are prone to safety hazards. To ensure safe use and operation of these labour-saving equipment, it is important for equipment users to be well-acquainted with safety practices or protocols. Here is a look at a number of steps you need to take to ensure safe operation of your ute cranes.

Do not overload the machine.

All cranes have a lifting load capacity that must not be exceeded under any circumstances. Overloading may cause your crane to tip over while it is being used or result in breakdown of the equipment. In the process, the equipment itself or the heavy loads being lifted can fall onto employees on the ground, resulting in serious injuries or even death in worst-case scenarios. Therefore, the number-rule when it comes to ute crane use and operation is to never overload your machinery.

Do not modify the equipment to change its functionality.

Your ute crane operator's manual contains instructions and guidelines on the lifting load capacity of the machinery as well as its capabilities. The manual indicates what accessories can be used with the equipment and which ones cannot. It is important to operate the equipment according to how its original design specifications. Before attempting to modify your equipment in any way, it is important that you first find out whether or not the modifications will result in operational failure.

Never leave the machinery controls unattended while a load is still suspended.

Leaving ute crane controls unattended while a load is still hanging in the air would be putting other people in harm's way. Regardless of whether or not there are other people close to your jobsite, you should never leave the controls unattended while a load is suspended. 

Always be on the lookout for possible hazards.

Being highly alert so you can detect potential safety hazards early is critical to ensuring safe use and operation of ute cranes. Therefore, stop crane operations whenever you identify a safety hazard or you suspect there is something wrong with your machine.

By following the above-highlighted practices, you will be able to minimise safety hazards related to ute crane operation.