4 Important Steps When Selecting a Balustrade for Your Balcony

A balustrade protects you from falling over the balcony. It can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. This is because numerous balustrade designs are available, regardless of the material you select. Any of them can be easily installed in your house. Below are four important steps you should consider when selecting a balustrade for your balcony:

Selection of the material

This is the most important step since you will evaluate the materials in the market and select one that suits your needs. Some of the available materials include steel, concrete, wood and glass. Wood is the cheapest alternative in the market. If you are interested in a classy look, you can choose glass, and if you want intricate designs, then concrete and steel are the best alternatives.

Assessing the location of the balcony

The exact position of the balcony on your house influences the balustrade you will choose. Although glass can be elegant, it is not reasonable to place in upper floor balconies when you have a fear of heights. Even if you go for an opaque glass balustrade, you will still have an underlying fear when on the balcony. In this case, you should use the glass option on the ground floor and use concrete or steel for upper floor balconies. These are tough and once an expert has properly fixed them, they can withstand a substantial impact.

Determining its convenience

A balustrade should be convenient to you in terms of use. When you have children around the house, it is not practical to have a glass balustrade. While playing, children run around the house and knock things down and against each other. Over time the balustrade can be weakened, and it can give way, posing a danger to your children. However, if you are staying alone, you can go ahead to install a glass one.

Consider the maintenance costs

Concrete and steel are also easier to maintain than glass balustrades. Glass requires regular checkups to ensure that all parts of the entire structure including the frames are in order. Cleaning is also required frequently to remove any stains on the surface. Concrete and steel balustrades are mostly painted to blend in with the entire house. This makes it difficult for any dirt to be seen on the surface. They are also hardy and cannot be damaged easily.

People have different tastes and preferences, and this affects their selection of balustrades for their balconies. These steps will, therefore, help you to make the best choice.