Essential Security Features to Consider When Choosing a Facility for Your Self-Storage Needs

When choosing a self-storage facility, ensuring that the facility you choose is secure should be one of your top priorities. Renting a self-storage unit from a facility with adequate security would ensure your stored items do not get stolen or damaged while they are under someone else's care. Below are some key security features you should consider to ensure your self-storage unit provider can provide maximum security at their facility.

  • Presence of on-site management staff: The presence of management staff at the facility 24/7 is an important security feature. The managers will be able to keep an eye on on-site operations at all times. This way, there will be someone to answer to all security issues that may arise. 
  • Video surveillance/security cameras: Installing video surveillance/security cameras at specific areas of the facility will boost security. There are a variety of security cameras available, ranging from all angle-view to motion-activated cameras. With proper installation of security cameras at the self-storage, you can be assured that anyone walking into and out of the facility will be monitored and recorded by the cameras. This will help identify any unauthorised or suspicious persons that might have entered the facility undetected. 
  • Adequate lighting at the storage facility: Another effective way of ensuring a self-storage facility is secure is to make sure the lighting is good, especially in the areas of storage. This will make it easy to monitor activities at the facility, especially during the night when the light of day disappears. 
  • Security alarm systems: Security alarm installations are also a great security-enhancing feature for any self-storage facility. When installed at the storage area, these alarms will go off and make loud noises signalling security staff that someone is trying or has broken into the storage area. This will scare off the intruders while prompting a rapid response from the security team.
  • Top security lock mechanism for storage units: Make sure the locks on the storage units offered at a self-storage facility are top-rated for security so they can thwart even the most determined efforts to breach them and gain access to the content of the unit.
  • Access restrictions: It is also vital to limit access to the facility. Customers should only be allowed to visit the facility during certain business hours and not any time they like.

Taking the above-discussed features into consideration will go a long way towards ensuring you choose a self-storage facility that can guarantee the security of your possessions.