Two essential elements of keeping your business’ car park in good condition

It is very important to keep your business' car park in good condition. Here are two ways to do this:

Inspect it for potholes on a weekly basis

Potholes in your business premises' car park can be problematic for two reasons. Firstly, they are very unsightly and might make the car park look neglected and dilapidated. This might lead your customers and employees who leave their vehicles in it to form negative opinions about your enterprise.

Secondly, potholes can be dangerous. They can damage car tyres and make them more susceptible to blowouts and punctures and can also increase the chances of your customers or staff members tripping and injuring themselves as they walk to or from their vehicles. If this should happen, the injured individual could potentially sue you and your professional reputation could be damaged.

As such, it is crucial to inspect your car park for signs of developing potholes on a weekly basis. If you spot any cracking or crumbling paving, do not wait until it starts to expand in size before you take action, as a full-sized pothole will be a lot more expensive and time-consuming to repair than a small crack. Instead, contact a tarmac or concrete repair specialist to patch up the damage as soon as you spot it.

One way to reduce the frequency of which potholes form in your car park is to have it weeded regularly. Weeds which are left to grow can push through paving and cause hairline cracks which weaken the surface and make it more prone to developing a full-blown pothole.

Repaint the parking lines when necessary

The parking lines in your premises' car park play an important role in enabling your employees and customers to park their vehicles in an orderly fashion.

The paint from which these lines are made can, over time, begin to fade, peel and crack. This deterioration is caused by a combination of things, including fluctuating temperatures, exposure to moisture and the impact of heavy cars being driven over them.

Faded or peeling parking lines it could not only have a negative effect on the appearance of your car park but could also make it much more difficult for people to park their vehicles in a safe and organised manner.

Given this, you should repaint them as and when they start to deteriorate. To ensure that the newly-painted lines look neat and precise, you should use line marking stencils; these will allow you to make each of the lines the exact same width and shape.

These stencils are available in a wide range of styles, including numbers, lines, letters and images (such as the disabled parking image, for example) and as such, should make quick work of the repainting process.

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